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Our Origin Story

A word from our director 

Working a 9-5 isn't for everyone!

Going through university, I loved the changing schedule, I'd do assignments when I'm most productive, which just happens to be 3am!

After worked for a couple of web and software development companies, I realised that being available only through business hours wasn't ideal. You're working hard building your business during "normal working hours" so what use is it if I shut off my phone at 5pm?

I realised that a company that provided support and contact to small and growing businesses was sorely missing in this world of 9-5. I created Unicorn Digital Solutions to be the company that's available when you need us!

Our Philosophy

  • Always working hard to deliver amazing value to our clients. We work alongside them to thrive in a constantly changing online jungle.
  • Closely work with each customer to ensure we have a tight grasp of their needs and goals so that we can deliver the perfect solution with confidence.
  • Be devoted to becoming our clients’ trusted companion. We prioritise becoming a true business partner, committed to meeting your needs and actively supporting the growth of your business.
  • Earn customers’ confidence through an unwavering passion for what we do and commitment to a long-lasting relationship.
  • Understand that our passion can help your passion to grow online.

Next Steps...

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